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20 Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the yes, the “aye” of Jesus. 21God affirms us, making us a sure thing in Christ, putting the Captain’s Aye within us! 

2 Corinthians 1:20-21

A Pirate Theme

The Captain’s Aye is a tale told by pirates, arrrrrg! Now you may be asking yourself, “What in the world do pirates have to do with teaching children about Jesus?” Well, buckle your britches and batten you hatches ‘cuz The Captain’s Aye is one of The MrJ Band’s most powerful events for leading kids to invite Jesus to be the “captain” of their lives. Take a look at the paraphrase of 2nd Corinthians 1:20-21. God wants to stamp our lives with his, “Yes!” When others all around us would say, “No!” God shouts, “Yes!” And how do pirates say, “Yes?” They say, “Aye!” and “Aye, Aye!” Jesus gives us His Father’s yes, the Captain’s Aye! It’s the story of grace, the story of surprising, breath-taking love. It’s The Captain’s Aye!

Session Themes

The Captain’s Aye is a multi-day event designed to teach children how much Jesus loves them. Then it will teach them what a wonderful adventure God has in store for those who let Him be the boss of their lives! 

The main theme for each day will be called “The Compass Point.” Each session will feature Bible lessons, songs, sketches and games that will revolve around that day’s main point, a.k.a. Compass Point.

The Four Compass Points:

  1. God wants a friendship with you!

  2. God invites you to join Him in His work

  3. Working for God takes faith!

  4. God works through servants.

Each of these themes will be ‘unpacked’ on the following page. Some of you may recognize these Compass Points from the popular book and Bible Study Experiencing God, by Henry Blackeby. The Captain’s Aye is an adaptation of that study aimed right at the preschool and elementary-aged child.

Don’t be fooled, The Captain’s Aye is not “kiddie” stuff. It was written and designed with the upper elementary student in mind. It has been performed hundreds of times in dozens of camps, churches and schools. In addition, MrJ has 34 years of experience with preschoolers and will adapt this event for your wide range of students.

The Story Line

The Captain’s Aye takes place on board a pirate ship. Yes, MrJ will be bringing a 16-foot ship’s mast to your stage! It includes a crow’s nest at the very top! Arrrrrrg! (YES, IT CAN BE ADJUSTED FOR LOWER CEILINGS.) It is here where we will learn how to begin a friendship with Jesus and grow to have Him as the captain of our lives.

On the very first day we learn that the crew of this pirate ship has met Jesus. They all heard Jesus ask them to let Him be the captain of their lives. And all on board said, “Aye!” to the new Captain Jesus.


All, that is, except one. The ship’s evil Captain Cook refused to follow Jesus. The crew demoted Captain Cook to be their ship’s chef. “Cookie” they called him. Jesus then promoted MrJ to be his first mate and gave MrJ the Captain’s coat and hat to wear.

As the story continues we see the crew trying to convince Cookie to follow Captain Jesus. But each day Cookie stubbornly refuses. He even tries to thwart the new captain by trying to steal back the coat and hat and lead a mutiny to take control of his ship again.


Each day Cookie develops a new recipe to try and trick MrJ out of the coat and hat. Each day the recipes are more disgusting and the trickery more devious.


Eventually, Cookie will...
...well come to think of it, you’ll just have to find out what the swashbuckling finale will bring. But one thing is certain. All of your children and adults will be changed because of the Captain’s Aye!

Is there any Bible teaching?

In all MrJ Events you are going to hear dramatic teachings played out in front of a great set with imaginative costumes. But behind all the theater is a solid base of Bible stories. In each session there will be a lesson equipping students, young and old, with a habit of daily Bible reading. Each day in The Captain’s Aye the students will be assigned an age appropriate portion of the Bible to read on their own or with the aid of their parents. Then each student will write and pray over their favorite verse in that reading. These Quiet Time lessons will be based in a “QT Book” which each student will receive. Thousands of children have developed a Bible-reading habit after attending a MrJ event! Our files are full of letters from parents and students thanking us for teaching them how to read this love-letter from God. In addition to the QT Time teaching, each day will feature specific Bible stories that drive home the Compass Point for that day. Each session’s Bible lessons is delineated on the downloadable PDF Document below. 

Download VBS Overview

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