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Contact All Idaho Senators And Legislators Regarding The Bills Below

They return to session on Tuesday at noon. Let’s flood their emails and answering machines to let them know we care about Idaho! Email addresses are available in the PDF document below. Phone numbers are at:

Idaho Government Emails
Download PDF • 79KB

HB300 Small Arms Protection Bill:

Adds to the protection of Idahoans Second Amendment rights. President Biden has vowed to sign an executive order regarding gun control. This bill is important to protect our rights from government overreach. Vote: Yes


HB 140:

This bill passed the House 49-21. This bill prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status. Bill is now in the Commerce and Human Resources Committee. Vote: Yes


HB249 Opt-in Sex Ed:

This bill passed in the House, now on its way to the Senate. Requires parents to opt-into sex ed for their kids. Currently parents must opt-out, which is often confusing. Vote: Yes


H226 The State Board of Education:

They resubmitted a request for spending authority for a $6 million child development grant that will go to a nonprofit that advocates for curriculum filled with the anti-American critical race theory and social justice ideologies. The previous bill failed to pass the house in a 34-36 vote. There is a rule that no bill can be presented that asks the same question, so the agency increased the requested amount by $100. Rep Shepherd (District 7) said he will support the bill this time since he made some regrettable remarks during the debate. Email Rep. Shepard and ask him not to support this funding. Vote: No


SCR 107:

This bill would create an ID card for undocumented immigrants, which would serve as proof of driving authority without conveying citizenship rights. We all know this has not worked well in California. Vote: No


Vaccine Passports:

Contact Gov. Little and demand he NOT require vaccine passports in Idaho. (208)334-2100

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